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360° Well-Being for Seniors 

Healthy Longevity in the Metaverse

The Metaverse Made Simple

In close collaboration with our early adopters, we designed an immersive platform that is easy to use and solves for virtual reality's biggest pain points: hardware compatibility, content production, photorealism, etc.

Do I need to purchase any specific VR equipment?

No. Our platform is device-agnostic and accessible across devices (VR headset, both standalone headsets as well as smartphone-powered headsets, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) 

Do I need to download any application on my device?

No. Our platform is directly available from any web browser, which makes it easy to access. Enter the URL of the school lobby and the password, and you are in. 

Is this platform safe to use?

All of the immersive environments on the platform are password-protected and subject to moderator approval. Users need to input a specific password and have to go through a 3D waiting room. 

How can I get my personalized full-body photorealistic avatar?

When you log in, you will be invited to automatically generate your avatar with our machine learning-app. You can either activate your webcam or upload your favorite portrait, and the neural networks will work for you. 

Are the worlds pre-built or can I customize them?

Our 3D designers have prepared over 50 themed worlds for you to use as such, or customize, if so you prefer. You, or any authorized user (caregiver, physician) can easily change colors, textures with our WYSIWYG viewport.   

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The Metaverse for Healthy Longevity

429 Lenox Avenue, Miami FL 33139
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