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An interdisciplinary team of developers, designers and social entrepreneurs building the metaverse for healthy longevity.

What We Do

Our Vision

A near future where older adults can immerse themselves in their healthiest lives in a few clicks 

Our Mission

Building an equitable and accessible metaverse for healthy longevity

Our Value Proposition

Pain management solutions, youth simulator and a virtual travel service 

About Equity Lab Global

Although chronic pain affects an estimated 70 million Americans, it is a tragically overlooked public health problem. The documented burden of chronic pain is greater than that of diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. VR acts as a non-pharmacologic form of analgesia by exerting an array of emotional affective, emotion-based cognitive and attentional processes on the body’s intricate pain modulation system.

Our interdisciplinary team is on a mission to build a metaverse specifically dedicated to older adults’ need for pain management and socialization.   

Our VR solutions have been tested with a little over 1,100 senior citizens over a period of 14 months in the Miami-Dade area in a number of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and community-based senior centers with a satisfaction rate of 95%. In cosmopolitan Miami-Dade, we have brought the program with success to a diverse set of communities: Latino-Americans, African-Americans, Haitian-Americans, Asian-Americans. It is heartwarming to see that in spite of cultural differences, seniors across the board have expressed very similar wishes to see the wonders of the world: our dreams are more alike than they are different.

The Metaverse for Senior Care  


Crowdsourced VR Content

We developed immersive content based on real-world data we collected in Miami-Dade County. 


Science + Social Impact

We harness peer-reviewed science on VR for pain management to achieve social impact at scale.


An Interdisciplinary Effort

We combine the complementary expertise of developers, designers and social scientists to build our platform.

Years Established


“Contrarily to what many may think, older adults have a strong appetite for cutting-edge technology. We are on a mission to build a one-stop metaverse tailored to their longevity needs.” 

Dr. Alexandra Ivanovitch, EQUITY LAB GLOBAL

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The Metaverse for Healthy Longevity

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